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Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Is there anyone for whom life is easy ? I know, I am sounding crazy to even bother asking such a question whose answer is pretty evident. Such an oblivious mind!

Thinking about it, I imagine how it will be if we get a simple and easy life. No hustle, no competition, no stress, no hurt, no feelings, …nothing! Just pure, simple life! I guess this idea is better just fictionally.

Can anyone picture themselves, having the same routine each day, without any challenges, without any achievements or failures? Just living each day similarly throughout your life! How can we even call it a life then?

I believed that, ”Life is a book with millions of chapters having enormous characters.” Each chapter has an erratic beginning with a fruitful ending. Some chapters live throughout our life while some are short. Some chapters build us while some teach us. But these chapters are neither the same nor easy. Each day gives us a chance to read those chapters of our life. But the only thing we focus on is how hard, how struggling and how difficult life is. It’s just a matter of mentality. We should be thankful to have struggles and hustles around us. I strongly agree that struggling is tiring and draining, but it can’t be unworthy. Sooner or later we achieve fruits as a result of our struggles.

These days we get struggles in every part of life, including career, relationships, emotional well-being, personality building, making money, etc. Moreover, it feels as if living a life in itself is a struggle! But no one talks about how much they gain from these struggles. No one cares to think how much they grew during those struggles. No one holds a positive opinion for struggling. No one understands that overcoming struggles gives you a pure feeling of triumph.

No matter how many things you are struggling with, no matter how long your struggle is, never forget the motto of struggling, which is…

“Seize Each Day of Your Life”.

I can’t think of a much better way to live a life and unfold its hidden chapters. Surely, I have a lot on my plate right now, but deep inside I know it’s for my own worth. I know where my struggles are leading me and what I am becoming by heading on to those hidden paths. Some chapters have indeed taught me a lot and turned me around, some made me understand how strong my emotions can be, while some also gave me clarity about which characters are enduring for me.

Struggles are not only a phase of life, but they give an actual meaning to living a life!

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Written by - Purva Agarwal

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