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Updated: Jun 20, 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic has made it essential for all of us to stay quarantined and take necessary precautions such as social distancing. Social distancing has deprived us of ‘in-person’ interactions from our close ones, too. In difficult times like these, it is normal for us to feel fearful, isolated, panicky, disturbed and overwhelmed. Social distancing, if not handled carefully, can blow-back on us as social isolation. These feelings, if not dealt with, can force us to go in a downward spiral of negative thoughts- negative feelings - negative actions - an unhealthy mind and body. Our immunity is what we need the most in these unprecedented times.

Communicating your feelings clearly with a person who can help you deal with your feelings, is essential. This is when an e-therapist can step in and help you out!

During this time, much light has been thrown on e-therapy, owing to its numerous benefits. Six of the main reasons why you must try to e-therapy right now, are: 1. Can Be Done Anywhere: E-therapy doesn't require you to go to a specific place. It can be done anywhere, even from the comfort of your home. People from remote areas can gain the benefit of e-therapy too! In this pandemic, e-therapy can be really beneficial for everyone to help them deal with their feelings since we are all required to stay in our homes, right now. 2. Not Limited to Your Location: One of the best aspects of e-therapy is that you are not restricted to seeking therapy from a professional in your locality. You are matched with a therapist who matches your requirement and needs the best. In case of any other concerns with your therapist, you can also be referred to another therapist. For us at The Mood Space, your needs are our priority when you reach out to us for therapy. 3. Flexibility: Communicating with your therapist at a time which is feasible for you, is also one of the many advantages of e- therapy. You can decide and book an appointment according to your convenience and your therapist would only be a call away. 4. Has Options For Various Modes of Communication: Depending on your preference, online therapy can be done with complete confidentiality via audio calls, video calls or even text. For those who prefer not to be ‘seen’, e-therapy is a great option and for those who are seeking a more personal session, video calls can be an option, too. Text therapy: This is a new form of therapy that people have started resorting to. Text therapy is completely confidential and feasible for people who are hesitant about seeking in-person therapy. This is majorly because there is more openness and less hesitancy unlike face-to-face sessions for the first time. 5. Saves Money and Time: E-therapy can help you save both money and time because you don't need to travel all the way to your therapist's clinic. E- therapy sessions can also be held more frequently because you save a lot of time. It’s almost as good as the therapist coming to your doorstep! 6. Helps You Keep Your Mind Healthy, especially in the current situation: The Coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to stay in their houses for their own safety. This could lead to a lot of frustration, anxiety and negativity, creating more space for an unhealthy mind. In times like these when in-person therapy is not possible, e-therapy will not only give you an insight into yourself, but will also help you get clarity about your feelings and thereby help in dealing with them more effectively. Therapists can also help you understand techniques to maintain your calm in this chaotic time. “Therapy is too good to be limited to the sick.”

-Erving Polster

Don’t hesitate to seek help. Your mental health matters, it’s time to give it the attention it deserves! Here’s what our clients have to say about our therapy sessions held via phone and video calling: "I needed someone to talk with, who would not judge me and also who would not dump me with advice. But be friendly and see me how I see me from outside and give professional guidance. I got this at The Mood Space. Ruchika, my therapist, fulfilled all these and was very helpful. I took 6 sessions with her, which helped me to see within me, declutter things and look forward in my life. Thank you Ruchika, your sessions meant a lot to me. They helped me cross my hard times and made things easier." “I liked the therapy sessions; it gave me a better idea of what therapy is, and it indeed helped me learn about myself and understand a few things about myself. I also liked my therapist, Vidhi, she was warm and compassionate in working with me. Thank you for the support, I would like to choose TMS for therapy in the future too :)” Sometimes, feelings and thoughts can get overwhelming and that’s when you should step up and take action. If you need a professional to talk about your feelings or anxiety and need help, book your free consultation on or write to us on for more details!

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