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Updated: Aug 14, 2021

“Expression is the way through which we make sense of our life”

Human being can express their thoughts and emotions through different mediums like art, dance, music, poem, story, and plays. These expressions gave insight into human nature, experiences, awareness, cultural and societal interpretation of different situations around the globe, stories of alternative realities and fictions.

This different medium of expression helps to reach a larger audience to aware them of different issues, stages of life, experiences of people, learning about society and culture. The way of representation plays an important role as it is building the perception and interpretation of reality for people. Misinterpretation happens when the half researched information is presented, exaggeration of it is done, showing them in a negative light and passing on the myths. It impacts the way people perceive the issues and what they consider as truth.

“Representation is an accurate reflection of life, Misrepresentation is the error of judgment”

Mental health representation in different forms of media is helping to reach a larger audience in terms of awareness and sensitivity around the issues. It highlighting the missed conversation and what impact it has on individual and society if these conversation remains unheard and hidden. The only “representation” is not enough, the representation in an accurate and sensitive manner is important. Here are some of the movies that represent mental health in a sensitive and accurate light.

  • 15 Park Avenue is about what the person and their family undergo when one of a family member is diagnosed with schizophrenia. It highlights the layers of issues from gender, crime, isolation, sacrifice, marriage, norms, and change.

  • Inside Out is about a five-year-old girl who helps in understanding and managing different emotions. The link of self-awareness and self-management towards being resilient in difficult times of life.

  • Goodwill hunting shows the emotional crisis of a young mathematician and his journey of taking professional help. The major themes it highlights are trauma, distress, and professional help and it also touches upon race, stereotypes, and societal norms.

  • Perks of being a wallflower - It is around emotional distress, trauma, and suicide during adolescence. It depicts how self-discovery, self-acceptance, and social support are helpful.

  • Taare Zameen Par - It is the story of a young boy who has dyslexia but is not known by their parents and teacher who criticizes him. It highlights how people perceive and treat others who are different from them. The role of a teacher who helps him uncover his potential.

  • A beautiful mind - It portrayed the life of a mathematician with schizophrenia. It highlights what they face with self, others, and society.

  • Silver linings playbook - It portrayed emotional distress, breakdown, interpersonal issues, violence, love, and relationship. It shows borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder.

  • All the bright places - It highlights the emotional distress, past scars, and trauma and two people together make sense of their emotional and physical scars and find meaning in the smallest of moments in life.

  • Margarita with a straw - It depicts the life of a young woman with cerebral palsy and what all she undergoes because of her disability and her journey to self-discovery.

  • To the bone - It shows the young teenager with an eating disorder and her journey to dealing with body image, acceptance, and dysfunctional family.

  • Hidden Figure - It depicts workplace gender and racial discrimination and how it impacts the environment and health of those who are facing it. The themes are around social norms, gender, race, stereotype, discrimination, power, and equality.

Grab a snack, set your device, and be ready to understand the accurate and depiction of mental health.

Written by- Shubhangi Singh

Your mental health matters as much as your physical health. Don't hesitate to take a step towards your mental well-being. If you’re looking at talking to a professional, book your Initial Consultation with us on or write to us at Take a step towards bettering your mental wellbeing because you deserve it!

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Unknown member
Aug 08, 2021

Excellent… may be through these movies people will understand the importance of mental health care …👍

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