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Updated: Jun 20, 2021

There are so many times we feel claustrophobic in our own minds and seek for an escape from our own bodies. Forgetting that it is our first home, forgetting that we can always enhance it and redecorate it however we want. We are in this together. I know that the fact that others are also feeling the way you are, doesn't change how tough and suffocating the feeling can be. However, it all makes sense when we fight another day, give others hope, get better and show others that it does get better. Here are some short verses that will remind you to allow yourself some space to breathe and live another day.

Dear you,

Sometimes it feels as if we are covered in a box full of darkness. We try to cut a hole to let the light in only to realise that there is cold darkness outside, too. Our eyes hurt from trying to see in the darkness, don't they?

We feel claustrophobic in our own bodies, in ourselves but yet we can't escape ourselves, can we? We no longer remember since how long we are trapped in this spiral of cold numbness. All we know or think is that somewhere we have found comfort in this darkness but it's not true is it?

We are just tired and when we get tired, we are strong enough to take a break instead of quitting even if we think we aren't.

We can plant another seed after a flower has frowned and create our own garden.

Dear you,

You have made it this far, haven't you? You have seen the light before, the sun falling on your eyes in the morning, the candle gleaming when the lights went off, the happiness in your father's eyes when you made him proud.

You are light, can't you see?

All I want to say is that you might think that there is no light left but I can see the shine in your eyes whenever there’s even a bit of happiness and trust me, if that isn't the brightest light I've ever seen, I don't know which is. Let that light burn a little longer?

It's worth it. It will definitely show you your way.

I know, every time you let a stem with flowers grow and entwine with the other person's stem, your stems get cut. But honey, do you realise that all these flowers growing through your bones have wrapped themselves around you, YOU have held yourself together.

YOU don't need anyone. YOU are the roots of these flowers.

So dear you,

When you think that cold is the only air you're breathing which is spreading in your body, when you think that silence is engulfing you inside, listen to that heartbeat of yours, listen to that breath of yours. You aren't alone, okay?

I am here. Though I don't know you and you don't know me, I can assure you that you are not alone. I am here for you. We are here for you. We, unknowingly hold each other's hands tight and come out of this, together, stronger than ever.

We are the light we need. We are the light we have, with us, always. Let's remember that.

Not all nights are starless, are they?

This too shall pass okay? It's not the end. Trust me. It gets better.

Until then, let's water those buds growing through your collarbones and let your eyes be the sun to them?


Written by - Mahika Solanki

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