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Imagine telling someone who had just been in a road accident, that going to the doctor meant they were too weak to recover on their own. It sounds cruel, but it's not that different from telling someone they're too fragile because they're seeking therapy, rather than being ‘strong’ to deal with trauma, mental illness, or stress. Therapy is no exception to the rule that asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

Some people start therapy when they hit rock bottom and are unable to employ their existing coping strategies, while others may seek therapy for continual support or guidance in navigating a new phase of life. Even though most people visit a doctor when they are sick, the same is not always true for people in therapy. Research has shown that about 83% of people suffering from mental health concerns do not seek the required support.

A few stigmas surrounding it are the thoughts of feeling judged or the thought that only people who are weak and mentally ill need therapy. You may have heard many such phrases from people around you or you may have had such thoughts that are preventing you from seeking therapy. You may have been motivated to start therapy, however, people around you may have discouraged you, making you go back into your shell.

In reality, therapy is something as routine as going to your dentist or a general physician - where sometimes, you may have a concern and other times all you need is a little care and belonging alongside some encouragement and support. Why is therapy important?

Therapy is a tool for you to explore yourself and become self-aware, helping you lead a better life and overcome difficulties - it is not a short-term solution or fix. It is not a treatment, rather it is one of the many ways for you to cope with, and understand emotions, change, manage stress, beliefs, and relationships, and sometimes even an extension of your self-care.

Remember, you’re not weak to speak - it takes courage to seek help, too.

Written By - Taehreem Ansari (Psychotherapist at The Mood Space)

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