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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Let’s ask ourselves the most important question- where does happiness come from?

It’s worth taking a moment to consider where happiness comes from. Is it from things like having some good tea after a heavy day at work, or finding the perfect book to read on a rainy day, or relaxing on the beach, or finally meeting that friend you haven’t met for a long time? Even though these things can make you think that they are the sole reason for you to be happy, it is actually combined with what happens in your brain, between the external event and your state of happiness. Yes, it is something which is inside you the whole time and just needs you to notice it!

Picture Credit: Tiny Buddha

When was the last time you did something for yourself to feel happy?

Many of us rely on anyone but ourselves for happiness, forgetting that it is our own duty to do it for ourselves. We fail to prioritize ourselves and realise it too late that it’s we who have to take control of our lives and that relying on someone else for happiness when you yourself are not able to do so, is suffocating for the other person. Handing over the responsibility of keeping yourself happy to another person is a recipe for slow disaster. Start holding yourself responsible for bringing joy to your life and you’ll begin to see the change.

“Happiness is a process that can happen even if there is no external source because there are things inside us that we can appreciate as well.”

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How many times do we find ourselves saying phrases like, “This could have been better”, “I wish it was like this”, “I could’ve done better”?

While having anticipations for something and working hard to fulfill them is essential, we need to know that every time things can’t turn out to be in our favour. ‘Our best’ is different every time in accordance with our state of mind at that particular point.

Acceptance is the most important key towards a joyful life. We need to learn from our past, celebrate our present and look forward to the future, with our heads held high.

“It’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.”

-Charles Spurgeon

How can you start making yourself happy?

Though happiness is subjective, and everyone has a different approach towards it, here are a few ways that can help you lead a more positive and happier life.

1.Take responsibility for your happiness: It is easy to blame the world if things don’t go your way or when you feel a certain way. However, you can’t control the world, but you can control yourself, your views and your perceptions. Taking responsibility for what you can control and not getting extremely disheartened over something you can’t control can help you lead a positive life. You and only you are responsible for your happiness.

2.Be open to change: Change is inevitable. Even if it doesn’t feel good, it is bound to happen. Change can sometimes be chaotic at first, but it is the seed for contentment. Change will happen, no matter what, so why not embrace it and take it as an opportunity to make ourselves better both emotionally and mentally?

3.Be grateful: Focusing only on the unpleasant aspects of your life is not healthy. Be grateful for what you have. Do more of what makes you happy and do yourself a favour by letting go of things that don't.

4.Bask in the simple pleasures: Doesn’t your heart feel lighter when you hear the laughs of an infant? Or when you come home to a nice clean bed just waiting for you to hop on and doze off on? Or when you finally find that little piece of jewelry you were searching for forever? Observe the tiniest of things and you will find the treasure of pleasure hidden inside. As they say, the little things that are really the big things in life!

You deserve happiness even if you aren’t used to it. You deserve the happiness you give others.

Make your happiness a priority.

Make yourself a priority!

Written by - Mahika Solanki

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