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Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Since the day we were born, our lives have always been a struggle. Infants struggle as they can’t speak, kids struggle in school age, adults struggle to establish a life, old people struggle with finding calmness.

This struggle is neither going to end nor will it be the same every day. People say we all get a life to live, but they also complain that their hustles and duties don’t allow them to. When will they understand that hustles are not the definition of life, but they are a part of our life? Life is always simple but human mentality spoils it.

We always aim to build a life on our terms. We tend to control some lessons and circumstances which might lead to disappointments, heartbreaks, or even failures. But life doesn’t end there!

Our tomorrow is always erratic but we are not!

We know ourselves much better than anyone else. We know where we lack or where we are prominent, how strong or weak we are, how good or bad our calibers are, moreover only we know what makes us happy in this so-called struggling life.

When we understand what it is that gives us a sense of joy no matter how positive or negative the situations are, we start to feel happy and in the true sense, we start living life!

But thanks to the negative experiences we get in the course of living a life, we start to feel afraid of being happy again, we fear happiness! But in reality, we fear to have similar experiences again!

Neither experience nor its outcome is perpetual!

We all have to undergo diverse phases of life, with diverse motives. So our way of living those phases is thoroughly diverse too! We can’t blame anyone for our happiness or sadness. It is we who are responsible for it. It’s our choice whether we want to be happy or not! It’s our point of view and mentality towards any situation!

Yes, we cannot control anything but our choice of being happy! There are many things around you, which can bring happiness towards you! But we need to embrace it without any fear!

Start looking around yourself with a different perspective. Start finding a positive point in anything. Not just situations or some materials, but even humans can be the reason for your happiness. Even your hobbies will give you that pleasure. Just understanding your source of happiness is all you need to do in your struggle.

Lately, I got to experience finding or understanding the value of being happy in difficult stages. We are all familiar with the famous movie ‘Joker’. People who were able to enjoy the movie did appreciate the actor but were rarely able to appreciate the script. The most motivational line that I caught from the movie was- ‘Learn To Be Happy in Your Conflicted Life’

Watching the movie inspired me for the current topic and experiencing something similar motivated me too. I happened to learn that I cannot control or end some situations, but I can choose to stay happy by diverting myself from them.

Surprisingly, I realized my various hobbies were the source of my minor happiness like that of reading and music. I also happened to enjoy a diverse taste of music through a friend’s suggestions! Moreover embracing it without any fear allowed me to learn many new things!

In growing stages, we learn to struggle eventually, but our biggest teachings would be to enjoy those struggles by being happy about them!

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Written by - Purva Agarwal

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