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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Relationships, the word itself causes either an adrenaline rush or is the pivotal reason behind such severe tension in the body which gets exhibited in the form of worries, stress, sleep disturbances and mood-related problems.

Romantic relationships serve as the mirror to our souls, our unconscious desires, our needs and also help us to delve into our beauty and insecurities. From the moment we were born on earth, we channelize our identities in the form of how we are treated, valued or behaved with, by others. We tend to believe that we are what we receive and achieve. And from there begins the hardship with our “self”. Our self concept is strutting enough to dwindle and deflect, until there comes a time when we take the call of our emotional intelligence, which discloses the harshest truth of our own conflicts and indicates us that we can be resilient enough to put a stop and ‘Move On to Our Happiness!’

Here are a few frequent maladaptive traits that we unknowingly inculcate within ourselves:

AGGRESSION: Both active and passive aggression hinders our personal growth, affects our relationship and knocks down our mental health.

Active aggression includes

  • Yelling in public places

  • Verbal abuse

  • Physical abuse

  • Destruction of objects

  • Raising hand

Passive aggression includes

  • Blocking

  • Stone-walling

  • Refusing to meet with responsibilities

  • Cold expressions and physical treatment

  • Negligence

  • Refusal to take calls or reply to messages or refusal to meet.

  • Making someone feel less important, constantly.

BLAME GAME: We often blame our partners for circumstances we thrive in, be it academically, officially or family wise. Our narcissistic traits compel us to believe that we are always the better one in the relationship, and the other person is the reason behind our failures.

BELITTLING ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Most of us have struggles to adapt to the fact that our partners are better off than us. This happens especially among couples of the same age group. We fail to understand that being of the same age or same profession can never mean that we are on the same page. Our insecurities and personal problems always make a strict point to focus on the personal gains and losses, restrict us from exploring ourselves and trying to reach the peak of contentment.

“The more we develop ourselves by exploring