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Updated: Jun 6, 2022

~ Evolving with the obscure

Defying the established norms

Following the changing course ~

Sometimes, we lose the capacity to keep up our faith and look for the blessings in disguise. We are mostly taken aback by our own doubts and insecurities which later hang above us in the shape of over thinking. Pondering over our thoughts all day or let it just be ‘overthinking’, we often forget how much of our energy is drained in vain.

Given the fact that the term ‘overthinking’ has now become ‘a new normal’ in the minds and lives of this generation and maybe, will continue to remain so. But let me tell you that sometimes, it is our overconfidence in not achieving that gives power to our insecurities and apprehensions for not believing.

If I have to be honest and truly honest, I considered myself to be the most overthinking and sentimental person in this whole wide world and it was not just me, everyone who knew me knew this. There was a time when I used to think that being sensitive was rather an abnormality. I couldn’t make peace with the fact that how could people be so indifferent? I felt everything so hard and thought that I would never be able to survive through the cruelty of human nature. Later did I realise that my sensitivity was not really my weakness, rather it became my utmost strength.

Thus, to be able to feel everything so deeply shouldn’t be cursed as it is the most precious gift we have been blessed with… we just feel a little more!

The one mantra that has been getting me going through the past years is,

“Feel it and free it”

Well, our definition and concerns of thinking or feeling too much might be different, but one thing that remains consistent throughout this process is the influence that it has on our lives, failing to keep our thoughts and actions in line which ultimately resonates into oblivion.

Right from questioning our identity to accepting our individuality, we have come a long way, through numerous gravels and plains, through sunlight and rain, but to nowhere.

Only if it was that easy! I know it isn’t, but just imagine how beautiful it would have been if we could embrace our mistakes and repair our ways; without denying the fact that feeling low or discouraged or insecure is just another side of the same coin that one calls it to ‘being HUMAN’!

Only if the reality wasn’t that harsh and the truth wasn’t that demanding, if we could live it all without hurting and questioning our own selves, if we could open our arms and let it all go, what kind of life it would have been to live? I know, imagining such scenario while keeping track of our present, it becomes incomprehensible.

While growing with time and growing through time, it wasn’t easy for me to accept these challenges with open arms. Like they say that its ‘easier said than done’, in the same way in order to get past our shortcomings, we have to burn ourselves out to give life to a structure; unbreakable and undefined.

First of all, what gives way to these doubts and concerns? Is it-

  1. The fear of losing our true selves or the fear of losing their perception of us.

  2. The idea of matching our personality with the societal norms.

  3. The fact that rather than what was destined to be, we became what we were meant to be.

I know, gathering answers to these questions won’t be an easy task for defining our concerns would mean to define our true selves in mere words and I don’t think few words would do any justice to the abundant factors that make us who we are.

Like Tony Vigorito in his debut novel, Just a Couple of Days, said,

“We’re like snowflakes. Each of us is unique, but it’s still pretty hard to tell us apart.”

Similarly it doesn’t really matter how good we fit in or stand out, what makes a difference is how we react to all these absurdities and make an effort to decipher where we belong. We might be different, but we are the same- we feel, we fall, we thrive, we rise, together or apart- but we will definitely shine.

It’s perfectly fine to feel all our emotions at their highest and then leave no scope of their return, but would that be very humane?

What does this imply?

“To let go is for your mind to keep calm and to embrace is for your heart to heal,

So, don’t escape, for it will always chase,

But embrace, for it will leave forever”

With that being said, our mental health is not really a state of success, rather it is our process of surviving through the good and the bad. We are solely responsible for making this process full of contentment and enlightenment as I believe that the moment we break ties with the society for its norms and taboos to live a life, the moment we break these manacles and embrace ourselves for who we are, we live the life we were meant to be and not just destined to be. We create a home full of love, peace, joy and harmony and that home is none other than ‘us’, because it all starts from within and ends with around. So let us enrich our stride with a little less of scepticism and a little more of faith.

The worst thing that we can do to our own selves is restraining from walking through the road not taken.

Not to forget,

“Highs and lows, faults and flaws are the momentous gradients for your soar!”

So, give time some time dear human, for you will surely soar high and plunge beyond.

Be kind to your heart and mind.

Live it, own it and make it!

Written By - Vanshika Gupta.

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Unknown member
May 28, 2022

Beautifully Expressed and was the need of the hour for me. So perfect timing. and in the end we share common names, so that got a smile on my face too :)

Unknown member
May 30, 2022
Replying to

So glad! Reading this, I was all smiles, thank you :)

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