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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

We are all living in a society where a person's opinion on our lifestyle matters. These opinions are killing each one of us daily. Those hypocrites are roaming around 'gossiping' and ruining lives. And because of their so called 'opinion' that's being manipulated are reached ears of people in the corners of the world have pushed are generation to suffer from serious mental illnesses; depression, anxiety etc are few of those! Only if these hypocrites knew how they are damaging minds of the stars of this world! Shockingly to a certain extend we too are doing the same- knowingly or unknowingly we are causing so many people mental strain!

This world including you and me are KILLING others!


We are the murderers,

The victim lives amongst us!

There’s a murder in town,

No body or missing person’s report found,

But there surely is a murder in town!

A murder so subtle,

No blood stains,

No astonishing clues to be found!

Weapons or murderer’s shoe either not found!

A Murderer we know,

Arresting isn’t an option anymore,

But there surely is a murder in town!

Saw the dead victims walking down the street,

So many individuals they meet,

Yet no one they greet!

Weren't they sweet?!

What changed- made them so pale and neat?

They? Yes not one but dozens were murdered,

Some in the quiet night,

Some alone, 

The one’s lost without any guide!

Most in the crowded places,

Not just family gatherings,

 Also in time of their schooling!

Who the dead actually are?

Let’s look around,

Maybe a colleague 

Or just someone so out of league!

Maybe a friend,

Looking for all possible ways to make it to the end!

The self isolated ones,

The ones who tried,

But now are done!

Silently screaming for help,

The one’s who feel someone tied them with a belt!

The one's who walk around,

Have physical body but dead soul,

Like a radio with no sound!

It’s your turn now,

To contribute,

To contribute in their mental resurrection,

To give in some motivation!

To vibe with positivity,

To give up the negativity!

It's your turn now to help in lifting up the curse,

For we are the murderers

And the victim lives amongst us.

For we are the murderers

And the victim lives amongst us.

~Snigdha (Kefira)


Let us stand together instead of being the murders! Let's us help these people overcome the stigma of 'others opinion'. Let's look out for them! Let's give in positivity to them! Let's hear them out and share our experiences and encourage them. Let them not feel judged and therefore left out!

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