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Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Ever since the pandemic, the level of uncertainty has skyrocketed. It took an immense toll on every aspect of our life. As we entered the last month of this year, we have somehow found new means to adapt & sustain. Most importantly, let's highlight the fact that the most important thing you did in 2020 is to “survive”.

This year had enormous lessons for each one of us. It shed light on our mental and emotional state largely, - something we collectively have been ignoring for years and finding novel ways to escape them with a fast-paced lifestyle. Lockdown gave us a chance to slow down and get familiar with our unattended emotions. Little did we know was how to heal, what to do with these profuse emotions caving in?

Taking the same track forward, the question - ‘How to connect & take care of ourselves?’ arises. But take a seat while I address this!

Stick with us till the end as we share some easy to implement “Cheat Codes” to ace your pampering game at home the healthy way.

1. Aromatherapy: This has been around for thousands of years. Imagine experiencing the soothing scent of your favorite essential oil at home. Essential oils are proven to have healing effects. Aromatherapy enhances your emotional health and reduces anxiety, making you feel good. Since you will do this at home, it is advisable to use a diffuser and know your essential oils closely (as every essential oil plays out differently).

For eg: a combination of lavender and rose essential oils helps to ease your stress; while Clary Sage essential oil heals your mental state and reduces anxiety.

2. Hydrate yourself the healthy way: The idea is to start your day with a fresh juice or a detox tea to hydrate yourself and eliminate the toxic waste in your body. Taking fluids in the morning helps to boost your level of alertness, and it acts as fuel to your brain. It plays a part to strengthen your immunity system.

3. Mindfulness (Guided Meditation): As a beginner, it’s highly recommended to perform a 10-minute guided meditation. Meditation will help you focus on the present while increasing your self-awareness. It might seem a challenging job to do initially, as your mind will wander often in those 10 minutes, but the simple idea is to bring the monkey mind back to focusing on the present moment.

Over time, you'll not only master to focus but also will escalate your imagination and creativity by feeling at ease with yourself. It's like growing into an evolved patient self.

4. Songs for your soul: How can we miss this? Unanimously Music is an absolute favorite. Music speaks to your soul. It connects like no other. Music does what words fall short of doing. It acknowledges and heals a part of you where one fails to reach. It can make your heart smile. What’s stopping you from creating your playlist? Curate your very own personalized playlist. Dive deep into listening and grooving to your playlist each day. Talk to your heart!