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As we all know that in this generation overthinking, stress, anxiety, depression is very common. You might think that how is the entire generation falling prey to this?

Well not only in this generation, but I have seen people in their late 40s, 50s, 60s and whatsoever, overthinking every little step in their life. Everybody falls prey to this, but it depends on how we cope with it.

Manipulation of Your own Mind

I, myself overthink a lot. But how do I cope with it?

Let me tell you how I cope with it.

Once one of my teachers told me about:

“Manipulation of your own mind”

Let me tell you, we have control on each and everything that is ours. Our body? We have control over it, our mind? Our brain? We have control over it except the very thing that we don’t have any control over is our heart and let it be that way.

How Can We Manipulate our Mind?

We can manipulate our mind into thinking about something, our heart tells us too. You might have heard a lot about:

“Do what your heart tells you”

“Do what your brain tells you”

I’d say, do what your heart tells you and think about it through your brain. What you think is right, is right, no matter the outcome, you should do what you think is the best. All you have to do, is to take the next step without thinking about the result. Without thinking about your last step. It’s just the beginning.

If your brain keeps on telling you that what you are about to do might not be right, you should know:

What you’ve decided, is decided, and that’s it. Do something else, and if you still aren’t able to get free of those irrelevant thoughts, take 5 minutes, close your eyes, and think about it.

“What I have decided is right. What I have decided is right. What I have decided is right”

Repeat it like a mantra.

Asian Households

Asian parents, understanding you, understanding these things, is very rare. If you have them, you are very much blessed, and if you don’t, you still are blessed.

But let me tell you.

This is your life, you need your satisfaction, you need your own self.

If you make decisions to cope up with these things, and your parents don’t agree with them. All you have to do is do what you want to do.

Explaining it like,

If you are in a crowd, you can’t recognize yourself, you’ll need a hand to get out. And that hand will not be of someone else. Not of your parents, not of your friends, not of your siblings. You’ll see your shadow moving towards you, and you are controlling it with your brain. The more you think about finding yourself from the messy crowd, the more it will move closer to you. And then, you’ll find your true self, you’ll get out of there, and no matter how messy the crowd is you will be able to find yourself. Its manipulation of your mind and satisfaction of your heart.

How I Cope up With Overthinking

Most of our overthinking starts during exam session, it also happens that when we are about to go to sleep, we ask ourselves certain questions related to our exam the next day. And we might not be able to answer them. Our brain will tell us

‘'You have been studying the whole day and you don’t remember anything; you won’t be able to succeed’'

Well, I will be able to succeed. I have studied hard the whole day, and I believe in myself and my hard work and that’s it. You close your eyes; you think about something else and then go to sleep. You wake up in the morning, go to the examination center and then again ask yourself some questions.

At that moment all you will have to do is to stop yourself from thinking. Because thinking about things, trying to recall their answers will mix up things. Look around yourself and see what everyone is doing. People might be talking to their other friends, someone’s coming in, someone’s going out, someone’s looking for their seat, someone might be as stressed as you are. Take a deep breathe in for 3 times then breathe out 3 times. Take each breathe for about 4-6 seconds. Relax yourself and you’ll perform exceptional in your exam. If you will be stressed out during the exam, everything will get mixed, and you won’t be able to do well. This is related to our practical life, the more you think about something, the more you think it will be difficult. You see, all these things are somehow connected to each other. You think something is difficult, tell yourself, its easy and I can do it.


Keep things balanced. Take your next step. Our mind will not be satisfied until the end, so take your next steps with the connection between your heart and mind and focus more on what your heart decides. Remember “you have control over your mind”. Tell it who’s the boss.

Written By – Shjea Shahbaz Book your first therapy session today and let us match you to the right therapist.

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