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Updated: Jun 14, 2021

The beginning of 2020 shook the entire world with the breaking of a pandemic that capsized the very existence of mankind. For our generation, old and new, this is the first time we have been faced with an upheaval of this magnitude. Yet 2020 has been a year of tremendous growth and change. A whole new way of co-existing.

To leave 2020 behind and progress into 2021 we must introspect on the smallest of changes we experienced in every aspect of our life, our surroundings and the change within us. Have we metamorphosed and grown to conquer the blockages we faced? Or have we given up on the current situation? Our memories are short lived. Human beings have always been known to survive the odds and get past any experience, the strength and uniqueness that our mind possesses.

To speak of the mind, it is a word that aims to encompass the processes that happen in our brain: thought, consciousness, perception, patterns, beliefs, desires, values, etc. There are 3 main types of mind- Conscious, Unconscious and Subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is only 10% of our existence and 90% is our subconscious mind which withholds all the past experiences (+ and -), core beliefs (+ and -), memories (+ and -), emotions, feelings (+ and -) and patterns (+ and -). In unconscious mind the processes in the mind occur automatically and are not available for introspection.

As a Life Strategist & therapist, I bridge the gap between the conscious and the subconscious by identifying, evaluating and decoding the concerns which cause the extremities. So let us follow basic guidelines and precautions to move towards a desirable 2021. These can help you overcome the past negativity and help you progress towards feeling motivated and invigorated for a start anew.

Downfall of Relationships during COVID-19

Our lives are confined to our homes, and our kitchen tables have become our cubicles. We all are failing to understand its complexity. We are struggling to find a way to deal with this current situation with more objectivity and perseverance.

Thinking about your own life: Are your relationships genuine? Do you feel confident? Do you feel secure? For a significant amount of people, the answer to all these questions is ‘no.” We may pretend but deep down we feel empty and lonely.

As a Life Strategist & therapist, I'll explain to you how subconsciously our past affects our present relationships. How we are in our relationships is imprinted within us since childhood. The understanding of how to be in relationships comes from what we have seen in our surroundings as children, mainly our parents. How our parents act and react in their relationships is very unknowingly absorbed by us in our growing years.

Our Next Step Forward - Seek professional help

• Complex real-life situations can be reversed by understanding and eliminating the root cause of the relationship concerns and the complications that underlie in the subconscious mind.

• By working on the energy in and around you, which is the direct and the driving force of everything that exists you can experience life-changing transformation to achieve a life-altering state.

Find a therapist who can understand, empathize and listen to you with an open mind and complete objectivity.