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Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Hey, have you heard? Rohini created a scene in the last party and shouted at someone, then she even left the party early!! Don’t know what’s wrong with her?

On an almost daily basis we hear or come across situations like this where we see people are reacting absurdly and we just ignore it. But what if we reach out to that person and ask them what’s actually bothering them? Today’s generation is always hustling, always in a hurry, always in a need of validation from others that somewhere we lose ourselves. All these stress, sadness, ups and downs in our lives drag us to states from where we can’t even come out. Day by day we are getting engulfed without even realizing it. But it's time now. It's time for the ultimate change, to change the perspective view, to think about one’s own well-being, to take care of mental health along with the physical one.

What Is Mental Health?

Mental health is just like our physical health which deals with our mind instead of our body. So, before we can jump on the topic of mental health, we need to understand what it is. Is it something we should be worried about or it’s just some random Instagram trendy thing that we are trying to follow blindly.

So here is the answer my friend, no it’s not just a insta-trendy thing, it’s a real problem. We often ignore our mental health thinking “I don’t have time for all this”. But somewhere we will have to understand that it’s becoming a necessity day by day. If we can’t keep our mental health healthy, we will be dragged into another zone which is not so happening. It will wear and tear us out slowly without our realization and we can't even do anything about it. It’s 2022 my friends, we need to know our enemy well.

How To Discover It?

Many times, we don't even know we are dealing with mental health problems until someone makes us believe so. But we can’t always be waiting for some angel to come to us for our rescue, we need to be our own rescuers. So here are some deals to get a little knowledge of what a person goes through when dealing with mental illness or also known as mental disorder:

● Lacking interest in almost everything

● Detachment from friends and family

● No energy to get up from bed

● Feeling unproductive

● Not feeling like eating anytime

● Extreme mood swings

● Confused thinking

● Hallucination

● Being addictive for specific things

● Lack of proper sleep or oversleeping

● Suicidal thoughts

● Overthinking

And many more. I hope you are getting the idea, right?

Reasons why we have them →

Ever thought why we have these issues these days and day by day the number of cases are increasing. Is work stress or education stress or in general just stress is the only thing to be blamed for?

Let me clear that for you. Of course, stress plays an important and major role in mental health. The more stress we are in the more chances of getting our mental health affected, but yes there is still a but. It's not always solely for stress.

There are many more factors adding to it like:

● Ongoing conflicts in family or relationships

● Chronic diseases

● Traumatic experience in past

● Neglected or abused in childhood

● Brain damage in any accident

● Having mental illness in family like parents or siblings

● Use of intoxicated stuffs

● Previous mental disorders leading to new one etc.

Here are few things that can help you during your mental health journey →

We as human beings always try to find a cure for everything, be it our own problems or our machinery problems or our day-to-day difficulties and of course that’s a great thing to do because no one wants to suffer. Just like other disorders we have few remedies and rectifications for mental disorders too. Few things which we can do are:

● Seek help from friends and family members: We always have someone in our lives who listens to us, so we just need to find them and open up about our problems, the difficulties we are facing and seek answers to rectify them.

● Visit psychiatrist: They are trained professionals; they know their jobs well. You can literally reach out to them and ask for answers you are not able to find yet.

● Find helplines: There are helpline numbers available over internet who provide consultation if ever you are facing suicidal thoughts.

● Go for medical checkups: Be regular with your medical checkups and don’t lag behind or neglect this sector.

● Try being busy: Many times, this happens when we do not have much of the work on our plate that we start to overthink. At that exact time try to be engaged in any sort of activity that will keep you busy.

Last but not the least →

In today’s generation, we have a lot on our plates all the time. So somewhere it’s natural for some of us to not be able to cope up with the lightning speed of events happening around us, which makes us feel low and eventually we find ourselves fighting with depression. But understand this thing also that it’s okay, it’s natural, it can happen to anyone at any interval of time any phase of life. Never think like “Why is it happening to me, am I not good enough!!”. You are always enough my friend. Hard days come to everyone, and everyone has their own way of handling it but please remember that there are people out there always ready to help you out and you are not alone. Just talk it out, ask for the help and you will definitely get it.

Written By - Akanksha Konar

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