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Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Lockdown, a measure to control the widespread of the virus, a sudden pause in our restless lives. None of us ever thought that we would be locked up in our houses and would not be able to go anywhere out of the house but only to the kitchen or washroom. Transforming a non-cook to a chef, shifting from work from office to work from home, physical classroom to a virtual classroom, changing an extrovert into an introvert, lockdown indeed had a great impact on each and every individual’s life and mental health.

Covid-19 caused panic in the lives of people and physical health of the people around the globe. Like if you told me I had to stay in my own house for almost 2 years I would have thought how stupid of a person you are to think of something that isn’t real but imagine leaving in the same house with the same people and following the same routine of getting up, scrolling through social media, cooking, eating, sleeping and this monotonous cycle kept repeating everyday. This sudden shift in lifestyle caused psychological problems like Adjustment Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and Panic Disorder, etc. “Sometimes the house is too small to fit all of my frustration and disappointment” was said by someone I know and this shows how irritated, annoyed and moody one can get when they have to relive each day the same as yesterday. And the phase of isolation was extremely frightening and an anxiety provoking experience, one had to take care of themselves. It disrupted the normal routine and sometimes gave immense stress resulting in emotional and behavioral changes. It created a feeling of stigma, loneliness and depression. Losing interaction with everyone and feeling the void in oneself was felt by almost everyone in my friend circle.

The pandemic was extremely stressful and traumatic as it required isolation for a very long time and created panic due to uncertainty and took an emotional toll on people as well. It was then at that very moment when people realized how important it was to take care of your mental health and manage stress and anxiety.

People started taking online classes for yoga, mental health counseling became a major and very important aspects in every individual’s life. Companies too started paying attention to the mental health of the employees. Everyone tried educating, enlightening themselves with more knowledge about this concept and here we are today in a society that is trying to make mental health as important as the physical health.

So here are things you can do to reduce the impact on mental health by acknowledging, and identifying psychological reactions.

  • As an individual one needs to know about themselves so talk about your feelings.

  • How things are affecting you to your friends, parents or any of your known people and vent out.

  • Share your feelings, stop abandoning, invalidating them.

  • Educate yourself and people around you.

  • Take frequent breaks from work and your busy schedule.

  • Prioritize your mental health over everything because, MENTAL HEALTH ZARURI HAI.

Written By - Adishakti Tiwari

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