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Updated: May 12, 2022

Have you ever felt alone even when you are surrounded by many people? - A question you must ask yourself.

Decision making has its own unique concepts which plays trick games with your mind and heart. It brings the dilemma that you feel where you feel you are in the right place but your mind always yells “GET OUT OF HERE”.

There is no crime in being an Introvert but creating a comfort bubble in which no one else is allowed might bring up some problems in the long term. That comfort bubble lures you to sit and overthink each and everything happening around you. We live in a society where you are disowned if you speak more and disrespected when speak less. Is there any perfect amount of words that come out of your mouth? The answer to that depends upon how you learn the people and their mindsets around you. People can be judge-mental, taunting, aggressive, passive and you cannot control the behavior of each and every person. But you can be the person that decides whether to let the people affect you or not.

Many think that if they say a certain thing, what will the other person hearing that would think? Thinking this is perfectly normal in every sense but keeping their thoughts on the top of your list can be a problem. Being afraid of this thing may choke our inner thoughts and force us to start living life according to the society. Standing up for yourself is a tough thing but is the most significant thing you can do for yourself because once you start to choke your inner thoughts, it feels easy as the people around you praise you for acting according to their saying, once it starts feeling easy, it becomes a habit and in no time you are just a puppet of the people around you without any aim or dream of your own. In this whole scenario if you try and snap out of the strings you are tied up, you feel that you are a bad person and then the craving of that praising starts to eat you up.

The things and achievements you carry out in your life are followed by applauds and appreciation but not only people around you are supposed to appreciate you, but it’s also that self-appreciation and self-acceptance from yourself can be the key to a happier future. True self-worth is when you don’t need anyone else to make you feel important or successful. The self-acceptance factor also includes looks, physique, color and many more. Thinking, “I don’t look good” is a big slap to your self-respect and leads to you disrespecting yourself. No one is perfect and no one can be perfect but knowing your flaws and trying not to hurt anyone with it is the biggest war you win by being a human being. People always will see the negative side of what you do because living in the society where being successful is a race, they will always try and grab your leg to pull you down with them. Knowing your flaws and making them your strength will lift you up further in your life.

The nutshell of the whole blog is that it doesn’t matter how you look or how successful you are in your life, the things matter is how you treat yourself and the people living around you and not to be afraid of going out in public and socializing leaving your comfort bubble.


Written By - Viren Patel

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