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Updated: Jun 19, 2021

We are the Log from ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ (What will people say?), it is made of us. So, if we are willing to put an end to this, we also should be willing to change something within us.

How would you feel if I say, “I feel so jealous of you, your success makes me feel like a failure. And I wish you could stop growing in any professional or personal capacity because it makes me feel insecure”? Bad, right?

Now it's natural for us to feel envy when someone else succeeds. However, the important thing is that if you are using that feeling to serve you or to self-criticize. For instance, if I look at a picture of perfect glutes and I feel jolly, then I can react in two ways. The first way, “Oh my god this girl is so conceited, all she cares about is showing off her body. Yea, we get it, you go to the gym.” Or “Oh MY GOD (sharing it with a few contacts), look at this body, it's so muscular, she must have done thousands and thousands of squats. This is what hard work looks like, this is what happens when you stick to your glutes. I am just so inspired,”

So whenever, I find myself crippling into the ‘Log Kya Kahenge?’ (What will people say?) - judgy mode for someone else’s success, body, or intelligence, I ask myself, “What reaction will help me achieve what I want?”

I can internalize this envy as insecurity or inspiration. What’s wonderful is that when you do feel inspired by someone else’s success, the next natural question is how did they get there?

You start thinking, “What can I do so that I get where they are?” On the other hand, if you let your insecurity or jealousy foster resentment, “Yeah whatever, she got lucky or had connections or something” - You dismiss their success without ever exploring the methods of how they achieved it.

So, when you find yourself being the ‘log’ from ‘Log kya kahenge?’, and we all sometimes fall prey to that, you have a choice. You can make this feeling get you spiraling thoughts of you aren’t good enough or you can turn it into an ambition. And I think it's pretty obvious which path is going to get you to the same level of success.

Written by - Vibha Tated

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