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The burden of getting judged was so overpowering that I forgot that some of the things don't have to make sense to anybody if that makes me happy and it should be okay to get judged

"Swallowed enough, I might throw up my brains ."

This is the quote I wrote when my mental health was disturbed and I realized then that my mental health is equivalent to my physical health. During this time I realized how a little involvement from someone can bring a huge positive impact in your life. So let me list some of the points on how a person should deal with someone whose mental health is disturbed in any form.

1. Check up on them

When my mental health was not well, I used to detach myself from the world and from myself, maintain a good distance from my loved ones to weaken the bond and ghosting was my favourite thing to do. The fear that I might say something inappropriate and the fear of not making them happy because of my strange behaviour or having anxiety at the wrong time was making me do that. But on the same hand, I wanted somebody to check up on me, somebody to just ask if I’m fine or not. Asking somebody on a regular basis how they are doing could be a great help.

2. Do not judge their behaviour

The fear of “What other people will think of me? “ is somehow the most relatable quote of my life. The idea of that used to haunt me everytime and maybe even now. The thought of other people not liking my ideas, thoughts, behaviour or actions made me feel anxious. The burden of getting judged was so overpowering that I forgot that some of the things don't have to make sense to anybody if that makes me happy and it should be okay to get judged. How you feel about the things they say or how you respond to their talks or how you listen and understand even the small details of what they are saying makes a huge impact on the person. It makes them feel safe from all the negativity and fear around them.

3. Respect their choices

Everybody has their own mindset and way of thinking, so the least we can do is respect them. Discussing about them, talking and sharing is perfectly alright but at the end everybody has the right to choose what they want and how some things should be. Sometimes they might not think like a common group of people and want some things to be unique, not everybody is the same so do not force your ideas out of their mind. They may or may not understand what you're thinking because they are already struggling with theirs. So respecting their choices and ideas will make them believe that they are not alone and motivate them to accept and understand things which they are dodging.

4. Have quality time

People are extremely busy in their lives and somehow forgot to spare some time for their loved ones. Having a quality time with mental health fighters would help them feel connected again and able to see how the world is working as they are somehow disconnected from it. Time is luxury these days and taking some out for somebody shows affection and care. Spending time on doing things you like in common is a great way to show that you are there with them and for them in all scenarios.

5. Stop forcing your googled solutions

Googling the solutions of every problem is not the ideal way to deal with things. Google may know a lot of things but it might not work for everybody. Simply googling and saying that you should try this or practice that or anything else, is not a perfect way to handle anybody. Consult a professional and do not try to force on them what Google says because everybody is different and may not experience what most of the people do. Understand what they are going through and support the choices.

These are the few points which I think could be of great help if followed and it might not create a huge difference in the beginning but later it will increase gradually.

Written By - Gurleen Kaur

Your mental health matters as much as your physical health. Don't hesitate to take a step towards your mental well-being. If you’re looking at talking to a professional, book your Initial Consultation with us on or write to us at Take a step towards bettering your mental wellbeing because you deserve it!

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