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Updated: May 12, 2022

Journaling: A Refuge from Reality


Are you facing that peculiar uneasiness or pangs of frustration?

Are you suffering from paralysing thoughts and looking for ways to channel these emotions?

If so, don't just sit back and bury your face in your hands. Chin up, brace yourselves and relax.

Nowadays, individuals in some way or another, are overpowered by different kinds of stress. They don't realise that such a thing can deteriorate their health too. So, it becomes important to remain mentally and emotionally sound. One way of doing it is by penning down the emotions and letting yourself free. Everyone carries their (own) forms of self-expression. However, journaling is one of the stress-management tactics, which can help you combat stress.

Read further to understand

What is Journaling?

How can it benefit you?

And most importantly, how to practice it!

Journaling: A Refuge from Reality

Light, Camera and Action!

Back to past

When you were a kid, you kept a secret diary with a hidden lock and only you knew how to unlock it. It is undeniable that you hid that journal under your secret drawer and preserved it forever. Yes, It was nothing but a priceless possession. Now, Look back, think about those wrinkled pages of your diary, carrying the same old fragrance burdened with the unborn thoughts and yet, those clumsy letters shouting millions of unheard emotions, which no-one knew, except you….

But, To you, that journal was your refuge from reality or a comforting place, where self-expression did not overpower the fears or judgement. It is all about painting your emotions even if you are struggling with stress, anxiety or depression. It lets you on a self-exploration journey, with the power to channel your emotions.

To define, Journaling is one of the stress management techniques that involve the practice of bleeding emotions by penning them down in a journal or a diary. It helps you identify and target your stressors and lets you solve them. In addition, journaling is a form of a healthy lifestyle that keeps you emotionally sound and improves your mood. Such a form of self-expression acts like meditation and enables you to relax or vent out. In one way or another, journaling helps you unwind stress and enables you to think deeply.

Can we skip to the good part?

Journaling is one of the best techniques for dealing with overwhelming emotions and simply embracing them in writing. It can help you manage your mental health and be aware of your emotions. Now, the question is, how do journaling help us relieve stress?

The benefits of journaling.

Journaling helps you talk to yourself and recognize the triggers affecting your mental well-being. Writing is a form of expression that enables you to identify your feelings and render solutions to them. Journaling is like a long talk with yourself.

Once you pen down your feelings, journaling lets you identify your fears, anxieties and concerns.

It enhances your cognitive functioning and neutralises your stress. All those struggling to express themselves, try journaling. It indeed will help you vent out and relax. After all, nothing matters but your mental health.

Journaling is not just meant for expressing emotions but celebrating them too. For instance, whenever you feel overjoyed, you like sharing it with others. And in this case, you should pen down whatever you feel grateful for or your blessings. If you document your happiness in the pages of your diary, then maybe one day, when you are in your low spirits, such words comfort you the most.

Journaling can be a morale booster and can help you exemplify those happy moments, making you feel more positive.

Journaling helps you come to the terms with reality and deal with your emotions in the best possible ways because the paper will not judge you.

Most importantly, make journaling a regular habit and once you do that, it will become a part of your life. It will help you become more patient, relaxed and keep track of events happening in your life.

Don't just look for the right words, but the emotions.

Journaling does not require you to pen down rich emotions with fancy words. But, it's all about letting you write whatever you tend to feel. Remember, no one is there to judge you. It is one of the stress management tactics to keep you aware of your mental health and emotions. Let us read the following points and focus on why journaling is the best way to combat stress-

Write freely

An individual is indeed accustomed to feeling overpowering emotions. However, to be able to relax or free oneself from any stress, you should write whatever you wish too. Write freely, don't let anything disturb your process. Journaling is meant for you and should be your secret keeper.

Express, however, you want to…

Write every day and let your emotions unfurl creatively. You don't need to express or vent out through the art of writing. You can paint the unsaid and convey your feelings too. Write or paint to understand yourself better.

How to journal?

The following is how you can get started-

Be consistent - When it comes to self-expression or thinking about ways to combat stress, take out some time for yourself and make an effort to maintain a journal of your emotions.

Not restricted to hardbound journals- It is undeniable that expressing oneself can be done differently. For example, if you like to keep a journal, then you don't need to carry a hardbound diary, you can have a diary on your smartphone too. Don't pressurise yourself, choose whatever pleases you.

Let your emotions flow. Don't pressure yourself or keep looking for the right words, you can be imperfect and be yourself. After all, it's all about your mental health and being yourself despite everything.

Final thoughts

It is undeniable that journaling every day can help you witness positive changes and reduce your stress. Individuals have widely adopted this strategy and have witnessed positive changes over time. In addition, Journaling keeps your mind relaxed, makes you more aware of your emotions and clears your head. It is one of the right ways of balancing one's mental health.

Written By - Hansika Bhardwaj

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