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Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Tell me if there is anyone who doesn’t face any struggles and hustles to live their day? Who doesn’t need to strive to achieve something they desire?

Surprisingly in the crowd of millions, there is not a single who is living a life without struggle. No matter what you desire, no matter what you aim, no matter what age group you fall in, each day you will struggle to achieve something!

Only when you go through your struggling phase you realise you require so many factors to motivate you…whether it’s a person, a principle you believe in or just some motivational words! You choose your source of motivation, you see the potential in your struggle and that’s what keeps you going through it. Eventually you seem to be reliable on what’s motivating you rather what you are struggling for!

I firmly believe that we all are experiencing this so-called life differently. That means our struggles are different, our goals are different and so, the source of motivation is diverse too. I never compare my hustles, my efforts and my experience with anybody because I know more precisely- what I want, what I deserve and what I am capable of! But none of these hustles are that easy for me either! Gladly I have found something which helps me to feel encouraged in whatever struggle or difficult phase I am in….its just a word which holds me from falling and giving up each time…. The word is HOPE!

I have never expressed to anybody how deep a meaning this word holds for me. But it is visible to some who work with me and have seen a sticky note on my desk which has ‘HOPE’, written in bold! Also, I have similar sticky notes in my personal book shelf and my diaries. I find this word really motivating because it makes me believe that whatever I am doing or struggling for, is possible for me if I do it. Whatever I want to achieve, is possible to get. Whatever I pray for, is possible to happen. I don’t know how many of you can relate to the meaning of this word which I feel. There are more sides to the meaning of this word. Not all positive. Many times, you have to show courage for your hopes to be alive. There might be times when you see your hopes crashing down. They are like a dominos set, if one block falls, the rest of the blocks fall down as well. Similarly when we allow a single hope to fall down, we allow our hopes to fall like dominos.

Yesterday, when I made a video of dominos made from cards, I realised I enjoyed it more when I played it in reverse. To me, something which has fallen seemed to be more beautiful when it was rising back up. So imagine doing the same with the dominos of hopes. How worthy and beautiful it would be to pick up those fallen pieces of hope.

Not just hope, but any source of your motivation will make a meaning by the way you hold your mindset and perspective towards it. Whether to think about it as something which makes you fall when it falls down or something which helps you to rise back up after that fall. Always remember that hope, faith or anything that motivates you in your struggle will make you fall down at times, but it will never fail you in your struggle!

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Written by- Purva Agarwal

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