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Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Waking up in the morning, finding a reason to carry on with the whole day, planning it and you are ready to rock it...That’s the dream we would all like to wake up to, won’t we? Imagine the contrary, doesn’t seem so appealing right? And yet, more than half of the student population wake up to that contrary scenario.

There are more ways than you can imagine that can affect your self-esteem as a student. Starting from being compared to being forced to do something that’s not of their interest to performance pressure. And all of these accumulate over the years to create something that’s not the prettiest consequence. There is still a lot to be done when it comes to respecting someone’s mental health and providing them the required space to grow through it. Yes, I said, “grow through it”. That’s what acknowledgment of your mental health can do to you.

Is it a taboo in our society that a student who’s privileged with clothes, food, shelter does not have the right to go through any mental health issue? Yes. But these criteria do not define the state of one’s mental health or how it might affect them.

Student life is the most cherished and yet the most delicate time of one’s life. We learn, unlearn, and evolve through our surroundings. Anything that affects our academics automatically affects us. It creates an unbreakable cycle, where you can’t study because you’re not in the best space and since you are not studying, you’re not in your best space.

We are living in the most decorated era of denial. The mental health of a student has been neglected to such an extent that we hold the world record in depression and suicides among students. And yet mental health is a topic that is discussed behind the curtain.

Ignoring the obvious calls is not the most courageous decision. Handling it on your own is just going to exhaust you and strip you of all the amazing moments you would be a part of, otherwise. So, when you can’t pull yourself up in the morning or don’t feel like eating or focusing, ask for help. If what seemed like the solution to everything previously, start feeling like a burden, ask for help. Don’t demean your thoughts, you’re better than that.

Is it the struggle of accepting that you might need “help”? Or is it the struggle to confide in someone and open your heart up? To that I ask, why does it need to be something so difficult? I mean we were not supposed to be lost in the maze of our own ambitions.

Therapies help. They help more than you could imagine. You’re convincing yourself that you are “okay”. But you deserve more than this.

A part of our generation still doesn't understand (or accept) the impact of mental health on academics. To that I say, if it's not related then how is it the same place that’s producing the most elite achievers of the country also produces the maximum number of suicides. Definitely, not all of us are equipped to understand the biological aspect of it, but we are equipped enough to notice what is happening around.

It’s time we turn around the situation in favor of our youth. We turn it in favor of those who will shape the country’s future. Needless to say, the lesser we make mental health a big fuss, the better for our future generation. The more we make this environment acceptive of mental health issues, the more beautiful will it be in the future.

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Written by - Rhitisha Ghosh

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