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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

I have been working for quite a few years now. Along with the hating Mondays, i have also started to see Fridays as some sort of celebration after a long period of war. Much like Easter when Jesus rose from the dead and a ritual of celebration was introduced to mark this grand day.

My colleagues ( the very few i talk to in the name of networking) would always start their Monday morning conversations with:

So, how was your weekend ? "

“Did you have a good weekend ?

“Now that you are back from the weekend with a fresh mind, we can get back to work with a new perspective”

and their Friday conversations usually also in the same line ,

So, what plans for Friday night ?”

“What are your weekend plans? "

This brings me to ponder on the fact, that how have we been conditioned to have a good time on Fridays and throughout the weekend.

I have observed how people boast of going to expensive restaurants, drink single malts over the weekend and meet friends for a movie on a Monday morning.

Everyone seems to have a keen interest about talking about their “awesome” weekend. Like, sharing on social media was not enough!

Then, there are some who would share nothing on social media but recall how the weekend was the only time of the last 7 days when they felt alive.

This brings us to think how business has conditioned our human minds to think that it is quite a mandate to do something that you have not done for the 5 days.

The numerous weekend bundle and happy hour offers, the bombarding of events and hashtags. The sudden surge of weekend Instagram photos and check-ins.

Come to think about it, does an illustrious Instagram feed really mean that person had a good weekend?

Don’t we need to re-instate the fact that the two days are for our body to recover from work and an opportunity to pick up hobbies and responsibilities that we are otherwise not able to give attention.

Capitalism gives an almost anxious and urgent urge in us to plan something “cool” for the weekend. So much so, that we decide to meet people we would otherwise detest.

I hope people realise that staying with yourself and doing absolutely nothing is just as much fun as the house parties and get together dinners.

Here’s hoping you do not feel like you did not do much. It is okay to just sit and see time pass you sometime doing absolutely nothing.

Poushali Saha

Medium user id:

Instagram id: thisbonggurl & bongfoodie101

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