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In this era of rising mental health issues around the world, how often is it that we take

time to appreciate and embrace the beauty of stillness? The root cause of several mental

illnesses that we see people experiencing today, arises from the internal chaos that just goes

on. Amidst this chaos, hidden within us, is an ocean of quietude waiting for us to embrace it.

That is stillness. Stillness, to me, is being in that state of mind and body where everything

inside us, every fiber of our being, is at utmost peace and bliss.

How do we embrace this stillness that’s within us? The answer to that is pretty simple: it is to realize and become aware of the inner silence

that eternally exists within us. Stillness dwells within the core of our being, in our hearts. So,

by developing inner silence we’re sort of building a protected bubble within ourselves which

becomes a place of stability amidst all the busyness of life that surrounds us. Whenever we

find ourselves in this bubble that is when we are internally silent, and we experience and

develop a true sense of what real peace feels like.

Tobin Blake in his book “The power of Stillness” says that it is possible to see the world

at peace when we are watching it through our own silent mind. This is the power of silence:

the power to paint the entire world into a quiet place through the peace that lies in our own

mind. Now, once we learn to do that, our entire world shifts into the one that is serene and

joyful, as what’s going on inside you creates what’s outside you. So, the power that silence

and stillness behold is truly magnificent. It puts us in this field of awareness where there are

no thoughts and our mind are at complete rest, seeming as if the true nature of mind is

naturally one of silence.

How does stillness lead us to transcend the mental health issues we face? - Just Be in the


It is so essential to understand the significance of being in the present moment if we

wish to go beyond the issues of mental health. Life is flowing in the now. However,

oftentimes we suffer from issues of anxiety disorder, mood disorder, or psychotic disorders

because of our inability to be fully present in the now. It is our attachment to the past that is

already gone and worries about our future which is yet to unfold that leads us to develop such issues in the first place. Being in the moment is the key which helps you tap into the quiet and peaceful symphony of life playing in the now.

“I cannot think of a better paradise than this very moment.” were the exact words I

thought of the day I realized the power of the present moment. Spiritual teachers, mentors,

visionaries and authors of their time have emphasized on the potentiality of the present

moment to unlock the treasure of peace, joy and bliss lying inside of us. One surefire way to

do that and take charge of our mental health today is to inculcate the practice of meditation in our daily routines. I feel meditation to be a state of oneness with the one that is eternal. In

simple terms, it is being in the state of nothingness – no thoughts, no emotions, no movement – utterly still and bound by love in the empty space of the cosmos within. That’s meditation to me. Meditation is one such tool that can have miraculous positive effects on your mental health and help you embrace the beauty of inner stillness that is within you all along.

If I had to send out one message today through this article to tackle the mental health

challenges individuals face today, let it be of the importance of stillness in our lives

experienced through meditation. Personally, after embarking on my truth-seeking journey and practicing meditation, I have experienced profound shifts in the way I approach the world. It has helped me deal with the anxiety and frustration I was facing in my life and transformed me into a more loving, joyful, and peaceful human being. My wish and hope is that it does the same for you - yes you - the magnificent human being reading this right now.

Stay happy, keep smiling, live totally, be kind and love beyond measure. Peace!

Written By - Vatsal Mehta

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