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Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Why are we so depressed?

Spending the swings of the clock in distress.

How big is this world just immensely grand,

Where are we and where do our problems stand?

A lot of things yet to discover and find,

And we are stuck with vision for blind.

Learn to wear your very own crown,

Live all the shades of life be your own clown.

The kind of lifestyle we are living, its too easy for us to get hurt. We humans have evolved tremendously from our past but the only aspect where we lacked evolving was our feelings.' Feelings' are very complicated, everyone has their own version of it. But we have forgotten that older versions often need to be updated.

The amount of stress we are dealing with nowadays is the only reason why depression has become so relevant.

Now there are so many reasons that are found everyday as the cause of it that I'm not going to discuss the causes, I'm here to share my opinions to deal with it. 'Time' is something that can create problems as well as it can even help in solving one. People are so mentally disturbed that they feel a need for someone else to rearrange their feelings and bring them back on track. Now I'm not against psychiatric help but just think for a sec, we are so busy that we can't even manage enough time for our self to sit and sort out things what we are going through.

At the end of the day we know better what we are growing through and what can we do to make it better, all it needs is to spend some time with yourself. I believe in fighting with depression by your self so that once you fall on those traps and you get out of it, you would know the traps better next time to not bring you down.

Depression is a fire, which burns more fiercely with loneliness, distrust, stress and many more. There is no such problem that you can't overcome all it needs is: 1) Acceptance You should be brave enough to accept that you are going through an emotional breakdown and its causing damage to your potentials, so there is a need of damage control. You should start thinking more practically than emotionally. Practically analysing on what is dragging you down and you should be able to run deep enough to their roots and cut them off from their source.

2) Self belief You should have faith on yourself, on your potentials, and you should help yourself in building your confidence by remembering your previous achievements and how you overcome all the odds and came out victorious. We all know the example of Sir Edison on how he believed in himself, not getting demotivated by the losses he faced and at the end inventing a miracle.

3) Motivation When we are depressed, we fell short of hope, and that ray of hope comes from nothing but Motivation. Maybe here we need help of someone else other than you but i feel here to you can get motivated by your family, friends. When we are depressed we easily build walls around us making us realize how alone we are , and how we have lost many precious things over the time. Here we need a rope of Motivation from someone who can pull you out or maybe you yourself can climb it up.

4) Contentment You should be able to make yourself realize what you have today is sufficient and you are in a very better place. You should learn to be satisfied and you should find out ways to make use of the resources what you have and bring the best out of you. A depressed person tends to focus more on a half empty glass than a half filled one. You should stop regretting on what you have lost and you should realize the importance of what you have today.

5) Work on your hobbies. You should work more on what you like, spare time is something that can rewind your CD , so better be cautious and in doing something what we like we tend to do it with full dedication which kind of disconnects us from feelings of making you depressed. Try settling big goals for what you like doing and put your efforts in it. 'Efforts never go in waste, just work on improving the taste.'

Even spending enough family time , spending more time with friends can bring the smile of joy. For a spiritual person his devotion towards God can help him fight it. Social interaction is a major factor as some people don’t take it well , we as society sometimes fail to deal with a depressed person. We need to be very careful and supportive towards a depressed person as things that don’t matter to us could mean the world for him.

- Harshal Mishra

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