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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

When you have plans for going to a party, do you feel like cancelling them last minute because you feel anxious about going? Do you have the fear of gaining attention from people to such an extent that you start sweating or trembling?

Attending parties, for people having social anxiety could be a nightmare. The steps from the thought of going to the party, to interacting with people and then finally leaving it, give rise to a lot of anxiety and stress. Dealing with social anxiety is necessary because it can result in loss of confidence and isolation which is not healthy for your personal as well as professional life. Some Ways To Deal With Social Anxiety At Parties Don't Cancel, But Prepare! Resisting your urge to cancel going to a party could be an important step towards dealing with your social anxiety. It will give you a chance to overcome your fear, little by little, helping you build your self-confidence and personality. Prepare Beforehand To make sure your nervousness doesn't force you to cancel going to a party, try to relax and dress-up early, do a few breathing exercises or watch an episode of your favourite TV-Show to feel a little calmer. Engaging in some type of activity helps you to clear your mind and calm your body. You can prepare some conversation starters which could be open-ended questions, recent news, compliments to someone about their dressing or the food at the party. This way you would feel comfortable to talk because you would already be prepared about the topic which would cut down your nervousness. Decide When To Arrive And Leave At The Party If you suffer with social anxiety, it is better to arrive at the party on time or a little early. By doing this, you don't have to approach and greet a large number of people, all at once. Your fear of suddenly being noticed or getting attention from a lot of people, would be dealt with and make you feel less anxious. Going to a party and then leaving from there can be equally hard when you suffer from social anxiety. It's totally okay to leave an event when you feel like leaving and are no longer able to manage your anxiety. Remember that your mental health is much more important than the party. Removing The Spotlight From Yourself Try shifting your attention to what’s happening around you. You can do this by listening to the conversations around you, or imitating the movements of someone nearby. This will help you get distracted from the anxiety and help you take focus off yourself. Challenge Negative Thoughts Think of all the negative thoughts you are having in specific situations and challenge or replace them with positive thoughts. For example, if you feel that the situation is making you so anxious that your heart is pounding, challenge it by telling yourself that your anxiety can't control you. You've gone past the anxiety before and you will be able to do it this time, too. Use Your 5 Senses Use your sense of sight by looking at something specific. Use your sense of smell by trying to smell something around you. Use your sense of taste by eating something. Use your sense of hearing by listening to some voices around you. Lastly, use your sense of touch by feeling something against your skin. Doing this can help your anxiety to calm down. Reward Yourself! Socially anxious people often criticize everything that they did/do. This self sabotaging behaviour only adds on to the anxiety about the next time. You can replace this negative aspect by rewarding yourself for facing your fears and doing something that was so difficult for you. Your reward could be something as small as a cheat day or a chocolate, too! Consider Getting Help If you find that social anxiety is significantly disturbing your life, like it is getting in the way of your career or relationships, or making it hard to go to events you want to attend, consider seeking help by going to a therapist. Seeking help from a professional will help you understand better ways to deal with social anxiety and discover techniques that can ease your anxiety in certain situations.

“You might have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” Margaret Thatcher Dealing with social anxiety can be very difficult initially, but every time you decide to face it, you take a step towards defeating it. Each time you face your fear, it loses and you win! If you need a professional to talk about your feelings or anxiety and need help, book your free consultation or write to us on

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