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Updated: Jun 19, 2021

“Lack of emotion causes lack of progress and lack of motivation.”

–Tony Robbins

Lack of motivation can impair you from taking action evidently. If you see yourself being tired of suffering from a lack of motivation, you must definitely find out why you are so low on the motivational energy drive and then move on to how you can successfully accomplish your goals.

Lack of motivation usually stems from subconscious mental strategies, many of which are ideally directed to motivate you. However, these act as ineffective strategies that have been learned long ago.

For example, your parents tried to “motivate” you by perpetually criticizing you. Now, you do the same thing time and again in your mind! It probably did not work out then and still does not seem to work for you at all. So you definitely need a new self-motivation method and have to get rid of the old one.

There can possibly be two problems with your current strategy that are resulting in a lack of motivation:

Problem 1: You are obviously not aware of what is going on in your mind as an attempt to motivate yourself.

Problem 2: It is indeed a bad motivation strategy. So it always backfires, leaving you less motivated than ever.

Here are 7 great ways on how to overcome a loss of motivation:

1. Why You Want to Do It In the First Place

Please understand that the reason for you to do something turns out to be the driving force behind everything you do. It is only when the reason is quite strong and even far more emotional enough, that you will go ahead and do whatever it takes to accomplish the said task.

Do you exactly know why you even want to achieve your set goals? Make sure your reasons are super solid, highly strong,