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Children's Day

Do you remember celebrating children’s day in school?

Can you recall what it was about?

What happened every year on 14th November and what about the day made our hearts glow up with joy?

Hold on! Let us help you there.

Typically schools used to organize special activities for us, there were cultural performances by teachers, and some of us were encouraged to dress up to make the atmosphere more celebratory. We received gifts, treats, appreciation, and above all no homework.

Children's Day often gave us a much-needed break from the regular academic routine and enabled us to enjoy a more relaxed and fun day at school.

This 14th November, how about you experience the same zeal and enthusiasm by recreating the perfect children’s day, for your adult selves?

Start off the day by reminding yourself that today is dedicated to your inner child.

The inner child is not necessarily your childlike personality but a part of you that has experienced all your childhood. It remembers all the good and the bad memories and experiences. When we acknowledge and pay attention to our inner child, it feels safe and loved. This Children’s Day we are looking out for it and sending it all our love.

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