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Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Since a very young age, I have admired looking up at the sky. I was a young boy mindlessly running around but whenever I used to stop and look above, I used to wander off to a completely new dimension. It just felt ethereal. I used to lie down and gaze endlessly. I saw vivacious creatures in the sky that were beyond my imagination. Rather they could have only been imagined by a 7-year-old. What would it be like to ride one of these dragons? I used to think. I wanted to see how the earth looked from one of those stars. Will my home be visible? What if I make a sign on top of my house so that it stands out? And it may sound completely absurd today but all of this made sense to a kid with ample free time and an all-time wavering mind. Sometimes I feel lack of focus isn’t that bad a thing.

The very first lesson the sky taught me was to be grounded.

I think sky as a concept is very underrated. We always talk about how it’s just reflection and everything is just gasses and mass. We fail to realize the importance of the Sky! The very first lesson the sky taught me was to be grounded. The sheer length and breadth of the vast blue blanket made me realize how tiny I am compared to the nature around me. It taught me to be humble. To respect my surroundings. How many times in our busy lives do we acknowledge the might of nature? We have been inventing technology breaking Moore’s law and have been exploiting whatever resource we found. Yet, when the lightning strikes, all hell breaks loose. Why is it that we have become so self-absorbed in our achievements as a species that we have stopped appreciating our origins? We have been aroused by our philosophies, have taken utmost pride in our management and governing systems, we have convinced ourselves that we are the most superior there ever was or ever will be. Then why is it that our systems have completely failed against a virus? We had 100 years to prepare ourselves. If a century is not enough for us to realize our mistakes and make amends on them then I would say we aren’t that superior after all. We need to rethink our philosophies. This is time for some intervention. And it isn’t going to be divine for sure.

We need to just take a pause. Look up in the sky and just stare. Let your thoughts guide you. Gaze at the bright stars, try to find patterns in them. Just observe each object you see. Follow the trail of the birds, try to locate the North star. These things will make you realize how important it is to just get lost for some time. You get so engrossed in your adulthood drama that you forget you once had a dream. A dream to maybe become an astronaut, a movie star, or the best tea seller there is.

Today, I’m 23 years old and I sit on my balcony looking out in the sky and wonder if where I am right now is actually where I was meant to be. What if I had actually tried to be an astronaut? As I grew old, I somehow completely forgot about the dream that the 7 years old me had seen. He had looked up into the sky and had wished with all his heart only if he could live there. Only if he could go up there and look at his marked house from up there. I got so caught up in my day to day life that I forgot about the bigger picture. The Dream!

In retrospect, I wouldn’t want to change a single thing in my life (okay, just a few). And I even have 2 solid reasons to back my feeling up (if that’s a thing). Firstly, had I not had those experiences, I wouldn’t be here writing this, and secondly, I now know that I have the power to make new dreams and then give my best shot to follow them. Maybe even give a try to follow some of the old ones (space tourism will soon be a thing). The first step is to stop questioning yourself and start accepting your reality. Be critical of yourself but don’t be too hard. And just once in a while, look up above the world so high, and who knows you may actually see a diamond in the sky.

Written by - Jaskaran Lamba

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