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Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Body shaming can have a very negative impact on one’s mental health. It is so important to accept your body and love it because it deserves that!

Let's start from the start,

Were you born with the hate for that body part?

I know you are thinking of it right now,

Let's talk about her today,

No no, don't you dare raise a single brow, there are enough critics in the world, so you bashing it today, I disallow.

First, let's clear off the air,

Losing or gaining weight is not your ultimate purpose in life, then why is it that you care?

Because, "eat well and stay happy" they say,

And next minute casually shaming to make you their tea time prey.

Hush! "This hypocrisy? I can't take it", you think,

"I am happy in my own skin", an unconvincing lie, you yell

While, everyone can see your nose turning pink.

So their words continue to haunt,

Little did they know those will become more than just taunts.

Magazines did no good either,

Glancing over both pages, left and right, you identified with neither.

Let's come to now,

Are you ready to bury the notions you have? If yes, pick up the plough.

Hourglass, pear, triangle, circle, rectangle whatever shape you are,

Appreciate that your body does much more for you everyday and has gotten you this far.

Be patient, your body will take time to understand confidence,

but be persistent and see it build a new precedence.

This time no words will cut or even bruise,

Because stopping this continuous battle was your own truce.

Once this love is attained, looking in the mirror will never be a plight,

And you will acknowledge change as normal and stop looking for the 'right' light.

Written by - Muskan

If you feel like you need some professional help with redirecting your mind to more positive pursuits, write to us at or Book your Initial Consultation on

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