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“Focus on the bigger picture!”

How many times have we heard this from our loved ones? I’m sure we must have heard this very often. But is it always healthy to focus on the bigger picture and not pay heed to the small aspects and small moments that help form the bigger picture in life?

So many of us restrict our growth or focus so much on the end results, that we forget to acknowledge the journey and ourselves. We are so focused on getting a positive result, that we miss out on celebrating ourselves and our achievements. Think about it - when was the last time you celebrated that small work win? Losing some weight? Stepping out of your comfort zone for the first time?

At times, it's important to acknowledge how far we have come, maybe something as simple as making it to work or college, working through situations that would trigger us earlier, accepting and loving our body, feeling comfortable in our own skin, going out by ourselves for the very first time, and more.

We tend to focus on the bigger picture, always hustle but never slow down and appreciate our journey and the small achievements we made along the way. While we are still trying to learn to celebrate the small wins, remember to take it one step at a time and give yourself a pat on the back! And if this was not enough, here are some advantages of acknowledging and celebrating your small wins:

  • It helps us to ground ourselves

  • It makes us see how far we have come and helps us in acknowledging our growth. Additionally, it helps in reducing self-doubt, a concern that many of us struggle with, today. It helps us manage the feeling of ‘not doing enough’, as we reflect on our journey to see how unknowingly we worked on ourselves by taking small steps.

  • Gives us the motivation to keep going and working towards our goal.

  • Most importantly, it makes us happy, and that’s reason enough!

We usually miss out on embracing ourselves and our imperfections. Yes, it can be challenging at first, but take those small steps toward self-growth and healing. Remind yourself that it gets better with every step!

As you step into February, let 2023 be the year in which you celebrate your small wins, embrace yourself fully, love yourself more and acknowledge your progress, while taking it easy.

After all, the small wins matter, too! Written By - Lavina Waghalekar (Marketing Co-ordinator at The Mood Space)

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