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“It’s a part of life.”; “I’m not depressed, I'm just sad.”; “I don’t need therapy, I’m not crazy!”; “It’s a small world, what if I run into someone I know at the therapist’s office?”; “I am scared to try therapy.”


These are some common concerns we hear surrounding seeking professional help, even from educated, successful people hailing from good socioeconomic backgrounds.

Mental health still remains a ‘hush-hush’ topic in India. Most people don’t seek professional help as they are afraid of ridicule, stigma and judgement. Therapy is frequently misunderstood as a highly clinical service, reserved only for those with serious mental illnesses. No-one is willing to address the fundamental question,‘Why am I feeling low?’.

If one does get to a point of acceptance to seek help, they are faced with another set of barriers - finding a qualified professional, commuting to a clinic and making time for therapy. 

Delving deeper in to these conversations and thoughts inspired us to launch The Mood Space.

- Founders

Vidhi Tamboli & Rhea Sawhney

changing lives,

one session at a time!


As India enters this new decade, a majority of its population ranges from ages 15-34, making it one of the youngest countries in the world. According to a survey conducted by CIGNA TTK, 95% of millennial's today suffer from severe stress. We as a society are struggling to balance the influence of our traditional values with our increasing level of social awareness.

The millennial generation is the cornerstone of the new world, spearheading change every single day. In view of the current realities of urbanization, globalization and rapid technological advancement, mental health services need to evolve to fit the need of the hour. We, the founders of The Mood Space, aim to do exactly that by catering to this generation of digital natives.

While attending university in the US, we would often discuss our experiences growing up in India. In a culture where excelling in academics, being physically fit and having a successful career were given plenty of importance, we were never taught how to deal

with our mind. Somewhere along the way, we learned to repress emotions. Our parents, like many other Indian parents, didn't model how to deal with difficult emotions, as they struggled with that themselves. For better or worse, we noticed how easy it was to find distractions, build walls, put on masks, and soldier on.

Over time, it became harder to ignore our own negative thought patterns. The openness with which our peers in the US discussed therapy, encouraged us to give it a shot. Opening up the conversation surrounding mental health was only the first step. Having personally experienced how therapy can help discover obstacles, uncover strengths and provide healthy coping strategies to challenges that arise in day-to-day life, we came to the question, “Does everybody need therapy?” Probably not. But, just because you don’t need something doesn’t mean you couldn’t benefit from it.

In an attempt to bridge this gap and change the existing face of mental health in India, The Mood Space was born after delving deeper into the idea of embracing a multicultural approach to therapy and an online platform felt like a viable solution!


Vidhi’s extensive knowledge in psychological counseling acquired from Columbia University combined with Rhea’s expertise Business Management & Digital Marketing led to the creation of The Mood Space. Founded in May 2019, The Mood Space is a confidential e-counseling platform that aims to make therapy easily accessible via phone and video sessions. Our clients have access to qualified therapists who specialize in a wide array of mental health issues including but not limited to anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma and grief.


We have one mission - to be a generation that sees 'No Stigma'. As we raise awareness and demystify the central question, “What is therapy?”, we uncover what it means to seek help. At The Mood Space, we believe in building a generation that is mentally well and healthy. Everyone should have easy access to a therapist; someone they can trust and talk to without fear of judgement, from the comfort of their own home.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a meaningful experience to those who gather the courage to seek help. It’s our responsibility to help them find the right match to embark on the journey of self-improvement. We encourage everyone to take the leap and give therapy a shot because there’s no better time than now! Join us as we make talk-therapy a trend in India!

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