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Given the current scenario of the global pandemic, mental health is emerging to be a shadow pandemic that needs urgent attention. It has left many of us feeling isolated, scared and anxious more than ever before. 


Keeping this in mind, Niswey, with The Mood Space, is providing all employees with Free Therapy Sessions.

Get Access to Confidential & Convenient Online Therapy Today!

To sign up for an initial consultation, please fill out the information below.


Who Should Avail Therapy?

We firmly believe that mental health therapy is universally beneficial to Anyone & Everyone. The uses of therapy extend far beyond addressing human crisis and tragedies; it enables individuals to tap into their core personality and wisdom to thrive. 

What Kind of Concerns Would Therapy Address?

The Mood Spaces' Psychologists & Therapists bring a diverse set of expertise, experience & skill sets to address concerns related to stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, loss, grief as well as coping with relationship challenges, work-related issues, daily stressors and life transitions.

How This Works?​​

  1. Fill in the Form and Sign Up for an Initial Consultatio

  2. Our coordinator will call you to assess your needs and requirements, to best match you with a mental health therapist.

  3. Therapy session will be scheduled as per your availability!

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